Our mobility habits also determine our shopping habits (?)

At Politis Out of Home we constantly look on improving our services. In this context, we conducted a survey, in collaboration with Truberries, in order to assess the impact of the lockdown and the restrictive measures, on outdoor mobility behaviors as well as on the average consumer spending, considering pre and during quarantine facts.

Through this research we came up with useful conclusions and interesting insights, worth sharing with you!

Did the lockdown affect all aspects of outdoor activities in the same negative way?
No. Despite the sharp decline in the use of public transportation (-92% in Athens), the time consumers spent on all kinds of outdoor activities decreased only by 33%. In Athens, this reduction was only 25%!

Were all physical stores affected to the same degree?

Visits to specific physical stores were not affected as much as others and probably will not be affected even if there is a repetition of a lockdown. They had relatively small losses in terms of traffic (e.g. supermarkets/pharmacies).

Which is the advertising medium that is next to the consumer during its outdoor activity?

OOH is a medium that fully adapts to both the extreme situation we are living and the communication needs of the advertiser.  It even comes in direct contact with the consumer from the moment he steps outside. The latest “Google Mobility Report” showed – among other things – that in the last month the traffic to super markets, pharmacies, neighborhoods and outdoor areas such as parks, had increased significantly!

Outdoor advertising is there to significantly enhance the above line communication, connect to digital campaigns and promotions, offer online interactivity and connectivity via mobile devices applications, and function as a point-of-sales distribution point without promoters, using digital technology.

OOH is a “communication tool” that allows brands to get in touch with the consumer and helps the consumer to get close to each brand, without the restrictions and 2 meters’ distances.