How can a product get closer to the consumer without jeopardizing “safety”?

How can the consumer approach a product without all these safety measures being an obstacle?

How will businesses rebuild their customer relationship experience?

After the first shock caused by the pandemic, everyone must adapt to a new reality and find solutions with tangible results. Everyone must find alternatives on how to promote products and services.

There is a solution after all, which adapts to both the communication and the financial requirements needed. It is called Out of Home advertising.

The absolute medium
When people get out of their house – walking, driving, using public transportation – they instantly come across with Out of Home advertising.

It is the medium that significantly enhances
• above the line communication
• connectivity through digital campaigns

and at the same time, creates the conditions for below the line communication such as
online interactivity
• connectivity – interactive applications via mobile devices
• sample distribution without promoters, using digital technology

allowing brands to get in touch with consumers and consumers to get closer to each brand, without restrictions and… the minimum distance of 2 meters.

Out of Home advertising easily adapts to every advertising need, offering a big number of display panels and endless creative possibilities.
One thing is certain. When “tomorrow” comes, we will be stronger, as long as we adapt quickly and effectively to the new reality.