Wolt chose the “Be the Leader of Limassol” program of Politis Out of Home!

Politis Out Of Home is investing since 2018 in a complete outdoor advertising network in Cyprus, offering solutions that cover even the most demanding brands. By constantly developing this big and highly sophisticated outdoor advertising network, pisa and billboards, is in the position to create more opportunities for advertisers to attract the attention and interest of consumers.

Wolt took advantage of this opportunity by occupying the largest advertising space on the island, hosted on a building, in the most premium part of Cyprus. More specifically, it decided to advertise its product a few meters before the Limassol marina on the coastal road, in an illuminated advertising area of ​​150 square meters.

The company’s message is communicated in the most direct and effective way to the citizens while they are outside… and the visual effect is simply stunning.

In the post-COVID era, the ability to advertise on large out of home surfaces is pretty exciting and probably more valuable than ever. Spending more time outdoors, means more opportunities for advertisers to communicate their messages and campaigns on large advertising areas.