We are a part of the city. We are a part of the change


Our furniture include installations that help citizens to connect, interact, experience new technologies or even shop online. And all of these through eye-catching installations.

Online shopping

Social connectivity

Social interaction

Augmented reality


Through our furniture and installations, we have the opportunity to multiply our social impact towards society and provide practical services.

Most of our shelters have lights. We use

green energy

to keep them lit and in the same time we offer a sense of protection to the citizens

In case someone wants to be online all the time, we offer a solution. Some of our shelters have wi-fi hotspots


It is in our nature to give back to the society. That is why we included in our business strategy a series of initiatives that support this decision.

We respect the environment. We started installing photovoltaic panels on our shelters.

The installation and maintenance of our furniture and of our shelters, is solely financed by advertising

We contribute to the local economies by helping local businesses to promote their products.

We support the social wellbeing by preserving city landmarks and helping maintaining playgrounds



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