Bus Shelters

Placed in more than 9,000 strategic locations around the cities, our street furniture play a vital role in shaping the urban environment. They are artistic interventions that give color and at the same time offer services to the citizens of modern urban centers, making their daily lives easier


Print Wrap Shelters

The classic bus shelters with the addon of a back surface. An extra area to place a visual and to communicate your service or product.


Creative Wrap Shelters

Special constructions that meet advertisers’ needs by creating engagement with consumers. A large network of selected shelters in the most central parts of the Attica region, serves  as the area of creative outdoor advertising. 2d installations, floor & roof graphics and any form of impressive construction, offer an eye catching and experiential experience.


Interactive Digital Wrap Shelters

The conventional frames of the panels are replaced with led touch screen monitors, utilizing new technologies and applications. In addition, there are standalone digital screens in selected locations. This service gives the opportunity to the public, to interact with the brand or product and to participate through social networks in any form of competition, creating even greater engagement.


Digital Wrap Shelters

Digital transformation in communication is going a step further. A led screen is placed on the entire back surface of a wrap shelter, thus creating a new outdoor format with impressive results. This new format comes in 142’’ and can be used by advertisers and brands in many different ways, limited only by the imagination of the creators.


Big Billboards

The “Big Billboards” product, is the new innovative way to communicate your brand. 15 strategically selected spots located in high traffic areas, guarantee a show-stopper display!“Big Billboards” are specially designed to offer 31 square meters of surface each, giving you the perfect advertising space, unskippable & unblocked, 24/7 for 30 days in a row.


Digital Big Billboards

Digital Big Billboards stand next to nothing! An impressive 250’’ led surface brings imaging into life. Moving messages, eye catching images and stunning visuals, create a wow effect that cannot be unseen. Digital Big Billboards are the ideal medium for one of a kind communication.



Special constructions for demanding customers who want to create even greater engagement with consumers. 31 spots in total, located in central squares and transportation hubs, offer three advertising surfaces and a 3600 view.