When it comes to getting out and about, the OAAA & Harris Poll study found that people are walking (40%), driving (29%), and biking/scootering more (27%). Most of them are sticking closer to home, but when they get the chance their travel patterns will be the same or greater in the number of distance in comparison to pre-COVID.

As a result people are noticing and appreciating OOH—and it’s clear that brands have a strong opportunity to reach consumers on-the-road.

On the contrary, there is a clutter concerning online advertising. Since people are spending more and more time inside, screen time (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart tvs) is on the rise, leading them to suffer from digital burnout. As a consequence, mobile ads are “into a mute mode” and everyone is looking for a way-out of home.

So “Out is ‘In’ this year,” and people are looking to go outside and make life as normal as possible amid the pandemic. The majority intends to drive, ride, walk, and bike more. This makes out of home advertising an especially smart buy right now.