The Coca-Cola Company in cooperation with Mindshare chose Politis Out of Home Billboards for the brand’s communication restart, with a unique campaign that calls to a journey of tastes and senses throughout Greece.  

This summer, Coca-Cola suggests that we abandon the classic tourist model for that of the genuine traveler!  A traveler who doesn’t miss the chance to wander in unknown places, talk to natives, try original foods, learn local traditions and enjoy every unique moment with his fellow travelers.

Each Billboard displays a summery picture/ snapshot that makes us longing for escapades, reminding us that every minute of every day counts.

The main campaign message #exploregreecelikeneverbefore signals the change, giving us a new optic on things, a different version of everyday life urging us to appreciate everything we take for granted.

With the new Politis Out of Home Led Lit Billboards each creative display becomes a living ad revealing a new world to the public.  The very impressive 34sq.m. ad surface conveys any message in the best possible way.   

For a whole month this 24hrs. display, in the biggest advertising surface, will definitely draw all   eyes on the brand.