By steadily investing on the pillar of “Respect” through its Social Corporate Responsibility initiatives, Politis Group chose to say its own “thank you” as a sample of appreciation and recognition, to all doctors, nurses, and those who risk their health, to help us return to normality as soon as possible.

It designed and implemented a broad communication campaign that includes:

• more than 4,000 displays throughout Greece, in moving media and at bus stops on main roads, as well as outside the covid19 hospitals

• print ads & web banners

• radio messages

This initiative takes place at a time in which our society needs support. It has two main goals.

Initially to be a statement of respect, and to boost morale by giving strength and courage to those people working in hospitals when they start their shifts, as well as to fill them with gratitude when they finish their shifts.

At the same time, it aims to urge citizens to follow the experts’ instructions concerning safety & hygiene measures, and to respect the effort of the professionals within the hospitals.

Politis Group may be the one who filled our streets with the word “thank you”, but it certainly represents all of us who do not have the opportunity to express our gratitude, to those who are fighting against an “enemy” who is invisible.