The annual conference of OOH was held by FEPE International in Dubai, 1st – 3rd of May.
FEPE International is the only Out Of Home world association working to promote and
develop the OOH industry.
Harris Politis, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Politis Group, along with the Group’s
managerial members Marios Grypiotis, OOH Commercial Director, Marios Georgakopoulos,
New Business Director and Chryssa Politou, Research & Insights, were present in Dubai,
among the 400 business representatives and major players of the global OOH industry.
Among others, some of the main conclusions of the conference:
“OHH breaks the restrictions of other media”
During the three days of the conference, 25 internationally acclaimed speakers outlined the
future of OOH, demonstrating its superior potential. New tools and technologies facilitate and
almost compel the synergy between digital and OOH campaigns, while a tripling of global
advertising costs is estimated with the help of the popular programmatic. Each brand can
benefit from the increased creative freedom and range targeting & reach of the upgraded
OOH communication.
“OOH is the big screen next to the retail store that does not go unnoticed”
Every successful brand has a valuable and reliable ally in the combination of a small-screen
mobile and a big-screen OOH. The mobile is the digital store we hold in our hands. The OOH
is the real, large screen that you can not overlook, outside of the retail store.
Out Of Home takes on a leading role in the global market, as it is expected to become the 2nd
medium in the share of advertising expenses in the following years. Politis Group is a pioneer
in Greece by creating a perfect environment for OOH campaigns. By constantly investing in
human resources and technology, it helps the advertised product or service maximize its
advertising investment, increase consumer awareness and further enhance its brand image.