he reconstruction and enlightenment of the historical Olympic logo became a reality, with the initiative of the Mayor of Elliniko-Argyroupolis, Yannis Konstantatos and the entire financing of the project by Politis Group within the framework of corporate responsibility actions.

The Olympic logo is ready to travel again to the five continents … and it will be – as it was then – a reference point of the area and those who enter the capital from the South suburbs.

Politis Group, with this move, actively helped the younger generations in learning the history and value of Olympic, while at the same time committed itself to its preservation over the years so as to act as a reference point not only for the Athenians but for all Greeks.

The President of the Group, Mr. Haris Politis, said:

“We are continuing our effort to improve the image of the urban fabric of the major cities of the country, embracing initiatives such the one by the Mayor of Elliniko – Argyroupolis. It is a project for all Greeks and not only for the local community of southern Attica. It is our honor to grant the reconstruction of the logo.’’

Having as a main objective the continuous search of ways to solve the improvement of citizens’ life, Politis Group is always consistent with the local government, by installing a network with modern waiting rooms for passengers at the stops of the Mass Media in Attica and Thessaloniki which –  on a daily basis with specialized personnel and a fleet of vehicles – maintains, cleans and replaces them when required –  keeping high standards of service quality, safety of expecting  passengers and sensitive to environmental protection.