Lately, our country is going through a challenge, which we all face with great anxiety. But we are not the exception. The global community is confronted with a pandemic that forces us to change -for a while- our everyday lives. At Politis Group, we deeply believe that social responsibility stems from individual responsibility. Through our actions and initiatives, we must show how we can operate in solidarity and with a willingness to contribute. That is why we decided to offer a helping hand in order to face this unprecedented crisis. Our organization offers 1,000 OOH Bus Shelters to the Ministry of Health to communicate the “We Stay Home” campaign, even more effectively and to raise awareness. We will continue to work in cooperation with the relevant bodies and to take initiatives to reduce the significant consequences of the coronavirus spread. We should all do the same because there is no thing such as too many, in this effort. It is certain that the epidemic will pass. Let us also do everything we can, so that its effects will be temporary.