Politis Group was honored to be invited, participate and represent Greece at FORO ALOOH 2019 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Being the leader of Outdoor Advertising in Greece, Politis Group presented the latest OOH trends to be introduced in the Greek market along with some interesting views and expectations on how the big OOH brands will shape the future of Out Of Home Advertising.

More specifically, during the second day of the FORO ALOOH 2019 Marios Georgakopoulos, New Business Manager of Politis Group, Borja Balanzat Góngora, General Director of Exterion Media (Spain), Tom Goddard, President of World Out of Home Organization (United Kingdom), Ricardo Bastos, CEO of DreamMedia Group (Portugal) and Jim Liu, CEO of BNR Communications (China) talked about some of the most significant OOH matters, including digital transformation of the network, transactions automation and interoperability applications between advertising point and targeted group. The discussion was moderated by Kym Frank, president of Geopath (USA).

Apart from its leading position in the Greek market and a growing presence in Cyprus, Politis Group has already started implementing a digital transformation program of its operation by collaborating with the world’s largest suppliers of ΟΟΗ specialized software and automation systems.