Politis Group – the leader for outdoor advertisement in Greece, having 9200 positions in more than 65 cities – after a 16-month detailed research in Cyprus highly growing market, announces the official start of its business action in the island of Cyprus aiming at the optimal design of a network of sites in cooperation with Municipalities, for placing modern outdoor advertising media such as street furniture – light boxes – mega billboard.

Having a 45 years’ experience in outdoor advertisement and with innovative movements, there is the confidence that the outdoor advertisement in Cyprus will be upgraded.On the same time Politis Group, through the company Management Prime One, a company that in a very small amount of time has succeed in bringing amazing results in management consulting, strategic planning, creative services, social media development, intends to search for talented personalities in creative and Media environment, with the purpose to sign the success story of its one personally and with the vision the peak.

In Cyprus, FoodVideos, the thematic video presentation channel with food recipes it’s our new entrance that will make a lot of noise and will bring a lot of new commercial partnerships. There are more than 700000 followers from Greece and Cyprus – the 80000 are Cypriots – that follow our successful channel on Facebook.

Politis Group of companies in Cyprus has its new modern office in the capital of Cyprus in Leukosia in Stasikratous street.