I Want An Offer


OOH is the last medium people saw, just 30’ before a purchase.Almost 1 out of 2 individuals (45%) had seen an advertising medium.

Source: OutSmart, The Customer Journey Study, 2018, UK

Effect on the brand +36%

+50% spread positive comments about the brand

Influence on brand advertising +60%

+ 85% spontaneous ad recall

In brand efficiency in total +48%


Dynamic content enhances all important brand metrics of brand effectiveness

Source: Presentation of Conclusions of the 60th FEPE International Conference

So Why OOH?

  • It creates content for digital campaigns.
  • It offers collaboration opportunities with influencers and works in combination with digital and social media campaigns.
  • Turns every spot into a "live" show.
  • It offers virality and word of mouth opportunities for campaigns, on online channels.
  • It enhances the consumer interaction with the brand / company, and gives the opportunity to strengthen the emotional relationship with the public.