Design & expertise

Our street furniture combines functionality, style and expertise. We follow a design process that involves various professionals in order to meet the standards of all our clients. We create installations that fit harmoniously into their surroundings, while meeting numerous safety, strength, durability and other requirements.


Innovation is a pillar that describes our approach as a company.

We contribute to the design of the city of tomorrow, while making transportation systems more enjoyable for passengers. We use eco-friendly design (low energy consumption and recyclable materials), we upgrade existing furniture to meet high environmental standards and we incorporate technology to meet all existing trends.


We are dedicated to keeping the city beautiful and clear. Our street furniture, no matter where they are installed, are regularly checked and trained teams are responsible for their maintenance. We work discreetly to provide cleaning services and upkeep without disturbing the day-to-day lives of the citizens.

Financial support

Everything we do for the city, is solely funded by our company and the revenue generated by our advertisers.

For every public space we use, we pay rental fees and taxes to the respective municipalities. Additionally, the fact that we are responsible for the maintenance of all the spots we use, gives the opportunity to the city’s authorities to invest on other projects that will ameliorate their residents’ lives.



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