Products and services for everyone

From bus shelters to interactive screens and information panels, our street furniture is designed to offer visual consistency and harmony.

In addition, we offer upon request services, such as dedicated displays, charging stations and WiFi spots, allowing our partners to enhance the experience they offer to the public, making every city friendlier and more attractive.

Adaptation and Flexibility

The truth is that every audience has its own needs. People moving in the city for example have different needs from those visiting shopping centers. This means that our furniture must be designed in such a way to offer the right service and the right information, at the right spot, meeting the user’s needs.

In short, we create “shopping windows” away from the shops, strengthening the local markets.

Technology at your service

We aim at offering solutions that meet users’ latest needs. We offer beacons, WiFi hotspots and interactive screens when needed, to create engagement, interactivity and to provide information. We also collaborate closely with cities and municipalities and we provide support at times needed such as big sport and cultural events. These services become an extension of each city, offering its residents solutions to their everyday needs.

Our specialized departments are always on the lookout for new innovative services.



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