Innovation is part of our DNA

Since our beginning, we have been constantly introducing new, innovative products and services, in order to meet our clients’ as well as the city’s residents evolving needs. We offer a big range of street furniture, bus shelters, digital screens and panels, big billboards etc.

In addition, we invest in Smart City solutions, in order to offer services that will enhance the daily life of residents and tourists.

Beauty and functionality

It is very important to us for our furniture and installations to fit the urban environment. We try not only to blend with the city’s surrounding but also to make every location prettier than it was before. We work with dedicated designers, we use the highest standards available and we have teams for the upkeep and maintenance of our furniture.

Our street furniture, apart from advertising, are used as platforms for the city’s branding.

A relationship based on trust

Throughout our years of service, we have been present in small towns, cities and big urban areas. We have come to a point where we can understand people’s concerns and needs. We have become a citizen ourselves, not just an outdoor advertising medium.

We deeply care for the wellbeing of the cities and we are in constant dialogue with all the stakeholders. We have built a relationship based on trust.



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