Shoppers in the big cities spend a lot of time away from home. They are usually found in malls and stations around the city.

Most of them are young, always on the move, connected digitally and socially, not only online but in person as well. They tend to be influencers, adopt the new technologies and keep up, follow or establish the latest trends.


There is a positive mindset when it comes to shoppers that are out of home. Visual messaging is more impactful at the time, leading to purchasing decisions! WoM and social media seem to work as an amplifier for every brand message.

The truth is that OOH plays a vital role when it comes to influencing purchasing decisions, no matter if it is an online or instore purchase.

The high city coverage – big number of spots & frequency – works as a beacon for every brand’s message towards a mass shopping audience.

In addition, OOH’s presence allows brands to configure and to match their messages to the audience and their environment, and in the same time to influence their purchase decision.


For those who seek the most relevant information, OOH has the solution to communicate relevant messages. OOH can offer services such as geo-targeting, proximity networks and many more, helping brands achieve their targets.

When the time is right, at that exact moment in the consumer journey, digital OOH brings the right level of targeting and the most relevant messaging, allowing shoppers to engage more and build true personal relationships.



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