It was that time of year again. December had come and with it all the joys of Christmas. The gifts under the tree, the lights in the windows, dinners with family and friends, and Coca-Cola in the streets! Politis OOH undertook an innovate installation for the brand, where the surprise element and wow effect were extremely high!

A digital screen working as a mirror was put on the bus stop display. People approaching the screen where suddenly “transformed” to Santa Claus and gifts started popping out when they opened their mouths. That was a surprising Christmas at its best.


Lacta’s campaign #ActForlove went viral for a reason; inviting everyone to embrace all flavors of love, by displaying loving couples of diverse colors, ethnicities, genders and more, the related ads ignited a hot public discussion and initiated some negative (mainly, anger and hatred related) posts and comments on Social Media. In order to further fight the stereotypes and help people leave them behind, especially when it comes to love, lacta launched an unconventional outdoor project with the help of Politis OOH Media.

A wrap shelter in Panepistimiou street, in Athens, was displaying – by default – many of the aforementioned hatred messages but a note was calling people to scan a QR code on the panel to make them disappear and ‘delete any obstacle standing in the way of love’.

Despite the fact that a standing man (who was actually an actor) was provoking almost all nearby people, numerous of them were more than happy to stand up for love, scan the QR code and reveal the digital posters of the initial campaign!


OPAP, the leading gaming company in Greece, launched a nation-wide advertising campaign to promote FIFA World Cup 2018 along with its products & services. The campaign ads went viral due to their fresh concept: 2 castaways were sad because they were about to miss the world cup matches, but they were still doing their best to place their bets and watch the final!

As a follow-up to the aforementioned ads, and during the World Cup, Politis OOH Media introduced a creative bus shelter with a digital panel through which the actual actors (who played in the ads and where located in a remote studio) interacted on real time with the people waiting in the bus shelter.

Using the panel, which was in fact a huge display connecting - though live streaming and micro-cameras - the studio with the physical location, the actors were asking about the world cup teams and scores, resulting in a funny and engaging experience that was widely shared on national and local media.



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