Politis Group in collaboration with Eurolife FHH, created 10 creative bus stop shelters in Athens by installing a mechanism with an alcoholic hand antiseptic – free for use not only by those who use public transportation, but for every citizen.

It is a really innovative idea that demonstrates an alternative way to use this advertising medium and presents its endless possibilities.

This action aims to raise awareness on self-protection, while making our everyday lives easier and in the same time offering a sense of security.

From the northern to the southern suburbs and in the center of Athens, these bus stop shelters help us disinfect our hands at any time of the day.

The truth is that we need more initiatives that will improve our daily lives and encourage us to strive more for the things that are important, such as our health.

This action proves in practice that there is no limit to creativity and that this specific medium has endless. During this specific action it transforms into a communication channel between a brand and consumers, while at the same serves as an idea with a social welfare in mind.

Initiatives that result from such collaborations, remain indelible in the minds of the citizens.